Divine Teaching Regarding the Veneration of Heaven and of the Divine Eye

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February 25, 1926



Disciple Trung, come into the middle of the room and prostrate before me.

Well done. However, you must remember to pray "NAM MO CAO DAI TIEN ONG DAI BO TAT MA HA TAT" each time you nod.

A major ceremony has three offerings: incense and flowers, wine, and tea.
You offer all of these yourself.

As you prostrate, put your hands together with your left thumb pointing at the Ty position [position of the Year of the Mouse] at the base of the ring finger, and with your left hand resting on the upturned right hand underneath.

Henceforth, you are required to wear a special blue costume with large sleeves, askew collar and nine belts. You must also wear cloth shoes. Others wear no shoes.

Why prostrate?
To show your respect.

Why place your hands together in such a manner?
The left hand represents Yang, the sun; the right hand represents Yin, the moon. The combination of Yin and Yang is the Dao, the principle for the creation and evolution of the universe.

Why prostrate twice before a living person?
Two represents the Yin and Yang combined, or the Dao.

Why prostrate four times before a dead person?
Two prostrations are for the person, one is for heaven and one is for the earth.

Why prostrate three times before Saints and Genies?
Because they are the third rank of the celestial classes. This pattern also indicates the unification of Tinh (physical matter), Khi (emotions), and Than (spirit), which is the Dao itself.

Why prostrate nine times before Buddhas and Immortals?
Because they are the creators of the nine heavens.

Why, then, must you prostrate 12 times before Me?
You could not understand. Because I am the Emperor of the universe and have twelve Zodiacs in My hands. Number 12 is thus My own number.

It is not time to understand the full meaning of the Divine Eye, but I will briefly explain this to you.

The Eye is the principle of the heart:
Two sources of light (Yin and yang) are the Master;
Light is the spirit;
The spirit is God;
God is Myself.

Since the Dao was established, there has been a lack of the spirit in the miraculous mechanism of enlightenment. With this third salvation, I will allow the Than (spirit) to be unified with the Tinh (physical matter) and the Khi (emotions), leading to a unification of the three elements, which is itself the miraculous mechanism of the enlightenment.

Remember to explain this to disciples.

The positions of Genies, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas have been unchanged since the Dao was established: so has the technique of spiritual self-improvement, but the Than was not allowed to be unified with Tinh and Khi, so that there was no more enlightenment. I come today to authorize this unification so that you may reach enlightenment.

You now understand that the Than (spirit) is located at the Eye. Explain this to the disciples. The Eye, or the Than (spirit), is the origin of Immortals and Buddhas.

Remember My name when you preach.

The Collection of Divine Messages /Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen, Volume 1, 1968, p. 10.

Translated by : Sister Hong Dang Bui and Brother Hum Dac Bui
English translation edited by: Sister Ngasha Beck-Huy and Brother Todd Alan Berry
Source: daocaodai.info