• History and philosophy of Caodaism (2)

    History and philosophy of Caodaism (2)

    It was in the same solitude, the same calm meditative retreat, that Cao-Đài found his first Caodaist, no temple more beautiful than that nature, no book more divine than the book of life. Jesus retired to the Garden of Gethsemane, even to the desert; St. Francis of Assiz spoke to his little sister the rain, to his little brother the wind...

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  • The three Saints

    The three Saints

    The dominant feature of the Tinh Tam Dien is the mural on the wall. The three figures it depicts are Saints through their spiritualistic connection with Caodaism. In plain modern Chinese dress is the founder of the first Chinese Republic Sun Yat Sen (spiritual name:Trung Son Chon Nhon).

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  • Caodaism and Spiritism

    Caodaism and Spiritism

    Caodaism is the first religious community so far that enables its adepts to have direct communication with the transcendental world via institutionalised spiritist seances. We believe that their doctrine provides the synthesis of all great teachings of the past. The full name of Cao Dai religion is “The Great Way of the Third Era of Salvation”. The words “Cao Dai” mean “High Palace”, referring to the heavenly palace where the Supreme Being dwells...

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  • Caodaism: A brief History and Philosophy (1) - Christopher Hartney

    Caodaism: A brief History and Philosophy (1) - Christopher Hartney

    Initially, I would like to provide a brief historical account of Caodaism leaving to one side issues of morality, ethics and lifestyle which are better explained by my travelling companions. Secondly I would like to speak of Caodaism as a manifestation of monotheism in the East and explain methods of revelation as a way of contrasting this faith with that of the prophetic tradition of the West

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