Sharing of representative from Caodaism (Feb 10th 2012)

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Ladies and gentlemen,


It is our honor to be here today, February 10, 2012, at the Notre Dame Basilica to attend this greatlySolemn andHoly Ceremony.


Tonight is the night of prayer for the patients on the “World Day of The Sick”, February 11th, 2012.  With the purpose of praying for the sick, medical workers and, we make an appeal to every one, every member of our society to join us in order to relieve the pain and to respond to the need of being healed in both physical and mental aspects for the sick.


Ladies and gentlemen,


We are believers of Caodaism, coming from the Propagation of Caodaist Doctrine Organization (PCDO) locating at 171B Cống Quỳnh, District 1.  In the region where our organization located, there are two special areas named Mã Lạng and Đồng Tiến in which, 20 years ago, most local people were very poor and homeless; there was no school for children and, therefore, too many social evils were created. Our POPC has been responsible for propagating Caodaist Doctrine and assisting the living beings. The Phước Thiện clinic was founded with the generous help of the local governments. At the beginning, with only 3 doctors and some medical workers, we were assigned the responsibility of taking care of the patients. How could we handle the need of being healed in both physical and mental treatments for the patients?


Since most people in the areas and the surroundings have an insecure and poor life. In addition to the main daily threat of being hunger, the sickness had made their life being sunk in the dark with all hardships. They lost all of their hopes and faith. They didn’t have even basic needs for human beings to be survived.


With this kind of situation, our patients came to us with a doubtfulness, perplexity and hopelessness.We realized that people with aloneness are usually suffering a deprivation and misery in all aspects of life. With this experience, besides dispensing freemedicines, we also helped them with rice, foods and even clothes.


We cooperate with the Bảo Hoà Volunteer Group on the Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street, provide free meals to the patients in local hospitals, we also associate with the Fatima School of Love in caring for the young children.


Along with the concern of how to find funds to carry on our operation effectively, the other main thing that we have always worried about is how to have enough manpower and people with such a good heart.  However, ladies and gentlemen, beside the people with the cruelty, untrustworthiness, unscrupulousness, ruthless and cunning even our society nowadays values money over morality; we can still find many greatly kind-hearted people.  Many people are still deeply interested in saving others from misfortune.  Those are our close companions of the journey throughout the last 20 years. We have shared all happiness, difficulty, and the sorrowfulness while working together. Time has passed too fast and there have been many changes in our workforce, many of us had to leave the mission in the half way due to the lack of health, some left this world for the eternity and, most young people who had participated at the beginning have now become the grey-haired ones.


Ladies and gentlemen,


What has helped us to have a tenacious effort to carry on this mission for such a long time? Is it because of determinedness and a strong belief? Yes, both of them, ladies and gentlemen!


When a patient comes to us with a complex we welcome him with heartiness, a sincere dedication taught by The Supreme Being.


We offer our hand first to make them feel being welcome. We have believed strongly in our Supreme Being Who bless us, heal our patients and help our medical team to overcome all unexpected difficulties.


It was said that the Spirits are always with us and we just don’t realize their existence!


Ladies and gentlemen,


We now understand that we have never been alone on the journey.


We are taught that:


From above, God leads us

Here, the help of Buddha, Genii and Ancestors

Brothers are in harmony on the journey,

Accompanied by Our Mother, so nothing to worry about.


Therefore, ‘til today we always believe in Supreme Beings and follow their paragon of mercy in saving human beings from misfortune and danger. And, for the patients, time has faded away their inferiority complex, helped them to regain the confidence. They have bravely stood up and stepped forward.  Although their first steps are still unstable, the confidence has helped them integrating themselves into the community, healing them quicker. And ladies and gentlemen,

no matter how strong wind and waves are, water of all rivers will finally reach the sea. And so, there are still millions kind-hearted people in the society nowadays. We all have met in doing the good things for people. For the patients, when they have faith, they are practicing the Words of Jesus: “Your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”  


Sincerely yours and thank you.


Dr.  Kim Trinh

Phước Thiện Medical Clinic