Happy Gift

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One night,

One biting cold night

At that time, in the sky,

There was strange star. It was very bright

It showed the kings how to find

“One Baby, who would be Christ!”


This night,

The bells are ringing

Jingle! Jingle! And jingle. . .

To wake everythings from their sleeping!

And, people are crowding

In the church to revering Christ. . .


Oh, my Christ!

A tiptop gift,

God gives me heaps

In my soul, there is great leap

And, it is full of believes

With me, Caritas* is so deep!!!


This time,

He is smiling

He is whispering

He is listening

To me... and I am also smiling

Because his peace is filling in me!




Thuy Vu


* Caritas means the love of the God.