To scatter flowers! (St. Teresa)

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O Jesus! O my Love! Each eve I come to fling

Before Thy sacred Cross sweet flowers of all the year.

By these plucked petals bright, my hands how gladly bring,

I long to dry Thine every tear!

To scatter flowers! — that means each sacrifice,

My lightest sighs and pains, my heaviest, saddest hours,

My hopes, my joys, my prayers, — I will not count the price.

Behold my flowers!

With deep, untold delight Thy beauty fills my soul.

Would I might light this love in hearts of all who live!

For this, my fairest flowers, all things in my control,

How fondly, gladly I would give!

To scatter flowers! — behold my chosen sword

For saving sinners’ souls and filling heaven’s bowers.

The victory is mine: yes, I disarm Thee, Lord,

With these my flowers!

The petals in their flight caress Thy Holy Face;

They tell Thee that my heart is Thine, and Thine alone.

Thou knowest what these leaves are saying in my place;

On me Thou smilest from Thy throne.


To scatter flowers! — that means, to speak of Thee, —

 My only pleasure here, where tears fill all the hours;

 But soon, with angel hosts, my spirit shall be free,

 To scatter flowers!


To scatter flowers! (St. Teresa)

                                                                                                                                                                                       June 28, 1896

St. Teresa, Carmelite of Lisieux,

known as the 'Little Flower of Jesus'