Three Last Wishes of Great Alexander

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Alexander was a great king (*). On his way home from conquering many countries, he came down with an illness. At that moment, his captured territories, powerful army, sharp swords, and wealth all had no meaning to him. He realized that death would soon arrive and he would be unable to return to his homeland. He told his officers: "I will soon leave this world. I have three final wishes. You need to carry out what I tell you." His generals, in tears, agreed.

"My first wish is to have my physician bring my coffin home alone. After a gasping for air, Alexander continued: "My second wish is scatter the gold, silver, and gems from my treasure-house along the path to the tomb when you ship my coffin to the grave." After wrapping in a woolen blanket and resting for a while, he said: "My final wish it to put my hands outside the coffin." People surrounding him all were very curious, but no one dare to ask the reason. Alexander's most favored general kissed his hand and asked: "My Majesty, We will follow your instruction. But can you tell us why you want us to do it this

After taking a deep breath, Alexander said: "I want everyone understand the three lessons I have learned. To let my physician carry my coffin alone is to let people realize that a physician cannot really cure people's illness. Especially when they face death, the physicians are powerless. I hope people will learn to treasure their lives.

Three Last Wishes of Great Alexander


My second wish is to tell people not to be like me in pursuing wealth. I spent my whole life pursuing wealth, but I was wasting my time most of the time. My third wish to let people understand that I came to this world in empty hands and I will leave this world also in empty hands." he closed his eyes after finished talking and stopped breathing.

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(*) Alexander The Great Biography

Alexander Great, who wud bcum Conqueror of Ancient World, waz born 8 Pella, Macedonia within 356 B.C. His father waz King Phillip II & hiz mother waz Olympias, deeply spiritual woman who taught her son thatz he waz descendant of Achilles & Hercules. From earliest age, thN, Alexander waz conditioned 4 conquest & kingly glory. He, thus, b’came focused on being fantastic ruler.

As he waz 13, Alexander b’came student 2 fantastic Greek philosopher Aristotle. Under Aristotle’s tutorship he gained concern within philosophy, medicine & science. However, Aristotle’s concept of small citystate government wud not hav gone down well wid young prince who waz bent on world domination. Aristotle did, however, cultivate Alexander’s concern within reading & learning.

At age 16 Alexander waz called 2 Macedonia 2 place down Thracian rebellion just as hiz father waz away. Distinguishing himself instantly, Alexander quelled rebellion, stormed rebel’s stronghold & renamed it Alexandroupolis, beyond himself.


In 336 B.C. Phillip waz assassinated & 20years he had embarked on hiz campaign of conquest. His army of 30,000 foot soldiers & 5,000 cavalrymen waz small however wellorganized. Along wid army he took engineers, surveyors, architects, scientists & yet historians.



Throughout hiz conquest Alexander crossed Indus River & entered region bordering Persian province of Taxila. Here he met feared Indian Monarch Porus who, wid 25,000 men & 200 elephants nuntimely did what entire Persian Kingdom may not. After fierce fighting, however, Alexander waz once additional victorious. Porus surrendered & b’came ally.



After 8year campaign Alexander waz currently ruler of massiv e empire. He waz keen 2 push additional west however hiz men were weary & intent on returning 2 their families. Reluctantly he complied wid their desires.



Alexander waz caring military leader. He wud go 2 hiz men beyond clash, examining their wounds & praising thM 4 their valiant efforts. He wud as well arvariety extravagant funerals 4 fallen. He wud arvariety games & contests 4 hiz men. affection 4 their commandant waz what galvanized hiz troops.



Returning 2 Babylon Alexander implicit part he had coveted 4 therefore long Great Conqeuror. In June, 332 B. C. Alexander fell victim 2 malarial fever. He not 8 all recovered. man who not man may defeat died on 13 June 323 B.C. He waz only 32 years & 8 months old.

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