Britain: Church of England consecrates first woman bishop

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Yesterday was a historic day for the Church of England which consecrated its first female bishop at a ceremony in York Minster. The woman in question is
48-year-old Libby Lane whose nomination was announced last month. She has been ordained as the new Bishop of Stockport, a town in Greater Manchester, England.

Britain: Church of England consecrates first woman bishopThe BBC informs that the ceremony was celebrated by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, who tweeted: “about consecration of Libby … I say Allelluia!” and “thrilled to be joining in the service”. Leaders of the Church of England and around 1,000 people were present at the ceremony.

In a statement to BBC Radio Manchester the Rev Lane said her consecration would be a very “emotional” moment, adding: “It is a remarkable thing that this happens to me, and people have been very supportive of me personally, but actually this is about a moment in the Church’s history.”

Last 17 November, the General Synod officially approved the long and difficult reform that makes it possible for the Church of England to appoint women bishops like other Anglican Churches already do. The move puts an end to a centuries-long male-only tradition, which has continued to cause division among some Anglicans.

Derbyshire-born Libby Lane studied at Oxford University before entering the Cranmer Hall seminary in Durham and marrying a fellow priest. They were the first married couple to be ordained together in 1994. She has been vicar of St Peter’s Hale and St Elizabeth’s Ashley, in Greater Manchester, since 2007

There were some moments of tension during the consecration ceremony in York. When Archbishop John Sentamu asked members of the congregation if it was their will that Rev Lane was ordained, the “yes” answers were accompanied by one loud and clear “no”. “Not in my name,” said the Rev Paul Williamson who is a well known adversary of female priests. Sentamu then repeated the question and the ceremony resumed as normal.

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