Catholics and Disciples of Christ: A Journey Towards Unity

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Catholics and Disciples of Christ: A Journey Towards UnityOn 10–11 December 2020, during a video conference to celebrate the publication of the final report of the fifth phase of the Disciples–Catholic international dialogue, “Do This in Memory of Me: Christians Formed and Transformed by the Eucharist”, members of the dialogue from different countries around the world shared their personal experiences of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Their testimonies expressed regret for those who have died due to COVID-19, as well as for their own isolation, in particular their inability to celebrate the Eucharist in local parishes and congregations. However, they also expressed the hope emanating from their deepened spirituality and growing sense of communion, despite the physical separation due to restrictions.

Reverend Robert Welsh, Disciples of Christ Co-Chair affirmed: “The gathering turned out to be a celebration of life – and of faith – and of growing friendships between Disciples and Catholics that bear witness to our common experience of the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit.”

Bishop David Ricken, Catholic Co-Chair, reflected: “The virtual gathering of the Fifth Phase of the Dialogue was truly a fitting conclusion to a significant journey of discovery, shared faith experience and gratitude for the Holy Spirit’s work among us. Gratitude to all for this journey together toward unity!”