Catholics and Disciples of Christ: A new dialogue document

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Catholics and Disciples of Christ: A new dialogue documentThis dialogue, for the first time, has given exclusive attention to the Lord’s Table / Eucharist. In fact, Catholics and Disciples believe that the Eucharist is the highest moment of their spiritual journey as Christians. For more than forty years they have been in dialogue with one goal in mind: full visible unity expressed in the common celebration of the Eucharist.

By examining carefully each other’s eucharistic liturgy and practice in a positive way and discussing in depth different theological and spiritual approaches, the Commission disclosed the richness of both traditions and their joint reflections on such a fundamental theme such as the Eucharist forming and transforming Christians. At the Eucharist, Christians encounter Jesus Christ, hear the Gospel proclaimed, deepen their communion with God and with one another, and are prepared and strengthened for carrying out the mission of the Church in the world.

The Commission for Dialogue between the Disciples of Christ and the Catholic Church was established in 1977. During its fifth phase, started in 2014, members worked under the leadership of the Most Reverend David Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay, USA, and the Reverend Dr Newell Williams, President of Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, USA. Following the suggestions of the Commission, the sixth phase of Dialogue will be devoted to a reflection on “ministry.” As customary, this final report is published together with a Catholic commentary [FR], which was prepared by the Reverend Professor Gilles Routhier from the Université of Laval, Canada.