Meeting between leaders of United Bible Societies and DPCU

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Meeting between leaders of United Bible Societies and DPCU

On Thursday 16 February, on the occasion of the first visit to the Vatican of the new Secretary General of the United Bible Societies [UBS], Mr. Dirk Gevers, Cardinal Koch chaired a meeting at the DPCU with delegates of the UBS, which was also attended by Bishop Brian Farrell, Secretary of the DPCU, and Msgr Juan Usma.

During the meeting, collaborative relations with Catholics were discussed, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the various translation projects underway, the upcoming UBS General Assembly (2023) and the experience of so-called "affinity" groups in which Catholic members participate.

With regard to the Guidelines for Interconfessional Cooperation in Translating the Bible, UBS delegates expressed a positive view and suggested taking into account the new modes of communication that have developed in recent decades.

Also present were the Rev. Robert Cunnville, President of the UBS, Ms. Elaine Duncan, Chair of the UBS Global Council, Rev. Mathew Punnoose, General Secretary of the Bible Societies Malaysia, Professor Alexander Schweitzer, Executive Director of UBS Bible Ministry, and Dr. Rosalee Velloso-Ewell, UBS Director of Church Relations.