Prayer cycle (17-23 March):Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

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Week 12 ( 17 - 23 March 2013) - Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam


Give thanks for:

  • Those who help to clear landmines.
  • Caregivers for those who have lost limbs.
  • Cambodian Christians who are returning home after years in exile, preaching the gospel and starting new churches.
  • Those who work for peace among communities and inter-religious harmony.

Pray for:

  • Those who grieve either because of civil war and genocide, or because of floods and other natural disasters.
  • Those who suffered losses in the tragic wars and genocides that marked the middle years of the twentieth century, victims of the Indochina Wars still struggling to build up their lives, victims of land mines in Cambodia, unexploded ordnance in Laos, and agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam.
  • Women and children who are kidnapped and taken from their countries, forced to work in the sex industry.
  • The establishment of economic justice and the reduction and elimination of debt to wealthy foreign countries.
  • The children of Cambodia, that they may know peace, and that they be able to play and attend school instead of making war.
  • The land, that it may be green again, its trees left unharmed and its fruit shared.
  • The poor, who subsist on an average of less than one US dollar per day.
  • Christian witness to the gospel.


We remember, O Lord, 
those who suffer from any kind of discrimination, 
your children, and our brothers and sisters, 
who are humiliated and oppressed. 
We pray for those who are denied fundamental human rights, 
for those who are imprisoned, 
and especially those who are tortured. 
Our thoughts rest a few moments with them… 
And we pray that your love and compassion may sustain them always.