Under the same roof

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Theological differences do not preclude unity in Christ


Today, with Christians divided into many denominations, we run the risk of simply stopping at a peaceful coexistence. How could we possibly go beyond this? Under the same roofAt Taizé we are surprised to see that Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic young people, after spending a few days together on our hill, feel deeply united without reducing their faiths to the lowest common denominator, or changing their values. On the contrary, they are deepening their faith. Fidelity to their origins coabides with an openness to people different from themselves. Where does this come from? From the fact that they have agreed to place themselves under the same roof and look together towards God. If this is possible in Taizé, why should it not be possible elsewhere?

I would therefore like to find the right words to ask Christians belonging to different churches: is it not important that we take the time and have the courage to come together under the same roof, instead of waiting for all theological beliefs to be fully harmonized? Is it not possible to express our unity in Christ – who is not divided – knowing that the differences that remain in our expressions of faith do not divide us? There will always be differences: they will need serious debate, but often they can also be a source of enrichment.

Br Alois

Source: osservatoreromano.va (Jan. 21, 2014)

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