Support the people and churches of Ukraine

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Peace and Support for Ukraine

Support the people and churches of UkraineThe war in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis, labelled a Level 3 emergency by the United Nations. Since the Russian military invasion on 24 February 2022, more than 8 million people have crossed the border from Ukraine into neighboring countries. The majority of them are women, children and elderly, as the male population of conscription age is only allowed to leave Ukraine under special circumstances. 7.1 million more have been internally displaced (UNHCR 22 June 22). 15.1 million are in need of humanitarian assistance inside and around Ukraine (UNOCHA 16 June 2022).

LWF is responding to the crisis directly through a humanitarian program in Poland, and through its local member churches in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Slovak Republic, which are supported by LWF through capacity building, pastoral care, prayer and theological reflection. Together with the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine, an LWF member church, LWF explores possibilities to support people in Ukraine directly in the district of Chernihiv, northern Ukraine. On the global level, LWF joins in world wide advocacy for peace, and the protection of displaced and vulnerable persons.