Five Ways to Put God First

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Sometimes in life it can be difficult to stay focused on everything that life throws at you. No matter what obstacles you may face and no matter what you go through, one thing should always remain your number one priority - God. If you maintain your faith in God and strive to put him first, everything else will fall into place. Here are five ways to help you put God first.


Have a mind set that reflects the perception of WWJD. What would Jesus do in this situation? Maintain this way of thinking when you're faced with a challenge within your life or if you're making a tough decision. Asking yourself WWJD, will help to you remain calm and level out your frustrations.

Practice What You Preach

God doesn't want to just "hear" what you intend on doing, he wants to see it as well. Do what you have promised to do. Keeping your word and holding truth at a high statue will prove that you intrust in God and strive to put him first.

Make Time For God
Regardless of your busy day-to-day schedule and tasks, make time for God. Make it a weekly practice to attend church and be part of your congregation. It is important to practice your religion and praise God. Attending church regularly will help you build a strong foundation for your life.


Take time each day to pray. This is your way of connecting with God and allowing him to be the center of your life. During prayer, you'll be able to talk to God and discuss any concerns. You'll also be able to find peace on a daily basis versus waiting until you attend church. You will find that prayer will be a time where you'll be able to see the bigger picture and reflect.

Extend a Helping Hand
Putting God first means looking out for your fellow brothers and sisters. Whenever you're in a situation that you're able to help your peers - do so. Extend a helping hand to anyone in need. Never turn your head and look the other way, when someone is in need. God's dream is for us all to live as sisters and brothers. He wants everyone to live without a selfish heart. Fulfilling his dream is a way to put him first.

Five Ways to Put God First