Qualities of Women in the Bible

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The Old Testament and the New Testament feature stories of women who suffer through life's pains and take pleasure in life's joys. Biblical women express unyielding courage as they lead tribes, and physically or spiritually birth nations. As you begin to read these women's stories, certain qualities or characteristics associated with biblical women become more and more apparent. Biblical women exemplify qualities such as leadership, friendship and decisiveness. They also embody commitment and loyalty to family, friends and the divine.Qualities of Women in the Bible


  • The Bible tells of women who display strong leadership characteristics. In the Book of Exodus and the Book of Numbers, Miriam, the sister of
    Moses, is a leader and a prophet who leads thousands of Israelite women through the parted Red Sea. God chooses her and her brothers to lead the Israelites, and Miriam strives to be Moses' equal. Deborah, in the Book of Judges, is another female biblical prophet and leader who displays feminine power and influence in ancient Israel. Deborah is one of the biblical Judges (or rulers) of Israel who responds to the needs of her people.

Qualities of Women in the Bible

  • Women of the Bible also display the quality of devotion, whether it be devotion to God or to Jesus. In the Book of Samuel, Hannah is a woman who
    suffers from infertility. Instead of turning away from her God, Hannah prays and worships God as she expresses her emotions and desire for a child. Honoring her veneration and appeal to the divine, God blesses her with three sons and two daughters. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Mary Magdalene briefly appears. After Jesus expelled a demon from her, Mary becomes a devoted follower. She stands by him through his death and is the first to witness his resurrection.

  • Decisiveness, or the ability to take action and make decisions, is a quality certain biblical women possess. In Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, God forbids Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve takes a risk and makes the ultimate decision to eat fruit from the tree. Rebecca is another biblical woman in Genesis who acts decisively. Rebecca makes the quick decision to leave her family and marry Issac, son of Abraham and Sarah. Rebecca also determines the course of history by deciding that her son, Jacob, will become the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel instead of her other son, Esau.


  • Certain women of the Bible exemplify friendship and kindness. In the Book of Ruth, a woman named Naomi loses first her husband and then her two sons. One of Naomi's daughter-in-laws, Ruth, makes the decision to stay with her mother-in-law and keep her company. The bonds of these women grow strong, demonstrating the powers of female friendship and companionship. In the Gospels of Luke and John, Mary and Martha are sisters who form a close friendship with Jesus. The sisters are women of faith and welcome Jesus into their home whenever he is in town. They offer him friendship, hospitality, love and faith in his teachings.

Qualities of Women in the Bible

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