Pope prays for victims of fire in Iraqi hospital

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Pope Francis has expressed his sadness over the fire at a Covid isolation ward at the Iraqi hospital al-Hussein hospital in Nasiriyah and offered prayers for the victims and their families and friends mourning their loss.

In a telegram sent by the Secretary of State to Archbishop Mitja Leskovar, Apostolic Nuncio in Iraq, the Pope "sends the assurance of his spiritual closeness to all affected by the tragic fire at the Covid isolation ward of the al-Hussein hospital in Nasiriyah. Deeply saddened, he prays especially for those who have died and for the comfort of their families and friends who mourn their loss."

The text concludes, " Upon the patients, staff and caregivers he invokes God’s blessings of consolation, strength and peace."

Dozens of people are believed to have died in the coronavirus hospital ward at the hospital located in the south of Iraq. Over a hundred have been injured. The facility had just opened three months ago.

Suorce: vaticannews.va/

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