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In addition to being a prophet, a statesman, and a community leader, the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in 570, was a family man. Muhammad was known to be kind and gentle with his family, setting an example for all to follow.

Muhammad's Wives

His wives are known as the "Mothers of the Believers." He is said to have had 13 wives whom he married after moving to Medina. The designation "wife" is controversial with two of them, Rayhana bint Jahsh and Maria al Qibtiyya, whom some scholars describe as concubines rather than legal wives. Taking multiple wives was standard for Arabian culture of the time and often was done for political reasons or out of duty and responsibility. In Muhammad's case, he was monogamous with his first wife, remaining with her for 25 years until her death.

Muhammad's 13 wives can be divided into two groups. He married the first three women before moving to Mecca, while the rest resulted in some fashion from the Muslim war over Mecca. His last ten wives were either widows of fallen comrades and allies or women who had been enslaved when their tribes were conquered by the Muslims.

The fact that many of the later wives were slaves may be repugnant to 21st-century audiences, but this, too, was standard practice at the time. Muhammad's decision to marry them freed many from slavery. These women's lives were considerably better after converting to Islam and becoming part of the Prophet's family.

Muhammad's Children

The Prophet Muhammad had seven children, all but one of them from his first wife, Khadija. His three sons—Qasim, Abdullah, and Ibrahim—died in early childhood, but Muhammad doted on his four daughters. Only two survived him: Zainab and Fatimah. His daughters were:

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