Echoes of Peace between Muslim and Christian

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Like every other Christian on the West side of the world, I knew little of the Muslin world, except what was portrait by the media. September 11, 2001 awakened us to the existence of the Muslim world by bringing fear in the hearts of westerners. Many of us became suspicious of anyone from the Middle East. 

This story however is not about the world. It’s about how one Jordanian Muslim. He opened my heart to Islam. As many Americans, I was ignorant of everything that went on in the Middle East. My world was small and fed by the media. However, his kindness, openness and respect showed me a side of Islam that enthralled me. 

Our story began when I accepted his friend request in my Facebook. Respect and love began to grow from Irbid to Alaska, where I practice the teachings of Jesus through Christian Anabaptist pacifism. 

Today I say that my best friend is Muslin and see how preposterous it is to call Muslims terrorist on account that Islam is a beautiful religion that practices peace and love. I began to notice that those who truly practice the teachings of Muhammad are loving and hospitable people, just as much as Christians that truly follow the teachings of Jesus.

Our friendship highlights our similarities and leaves our differences in God’s hand. For it is the will of God above everything that we love one another with respect. 

Imams, priests, and rabbis tried to bring peace into the world. Yet, the world’s religions are just as volatile as ever because we want to impose our ideas about God, above what is written in the Holy Books. Peace can only blossom inside of the hearts of different faiths as we practice the true teachings of God by putting our personal pride aside. 

The followers of true Islam are not terrorist and the followers of true Christianity are not terrorist. Terrorist utilize a religion’s name with violence, ineluctably with political goals. Muhammad and Jesus did not come to the world to be political but to save individual souls and open heaven’s gates for us.

My prayer for us is that love, peace, and respect echo from our heart to every corner of the world. 


Echoes of Peace between Muslim and Christian
About the author:

Agape Wo Dal is an American Mennonite Christian, following the peaceful teachings of Jesus. My goal is to echo peace with our Abrahamic religions with honor and respect. My goal is to discover common grounds and built on it through concrete ways. Through love I believe that during incompatible issues we can remain committed a peaceful relationship with one another.

Agape Wo Dal