Opening Dao, Opening Heart

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Presented by Fr Francis Xavier Bảo Lộc, Head of the Pastoral Commission for Interfaith Dialogues of the HCMC Archdiocese, at Từ Vân Caodai Temple on 12 November 2011, in the evening of poems and songs to commemorate the Anniversary of Caodai Inauguration Day.

Dear Reverend Dignitaries and all Brothers and Sisters,

Speaking on behalf of Catholic brothers and sisters as well as Christian friends of yours, I would like to share some of my sincere sentiments and wishes from my humble pious heart.

For recent decades, a good relationship between Caodaists and Catholics has been established by several predecessors of our both Faiths. As Jesus Christ’s adherents following in the footsteps of our predecessors, we are invited and summoned to preserve and nourish the fraternity between our two friendly communities. In recent years, the Catholic meetings and exchanges with Caodai disciples have helped both of our communities come much closer together and enriched our own individual experience with God.

I would like to thank Reverend Priest Thượng Công Thanh, Representative of the Caodai Missionary Church, for offering me an opportunity to share joy with Caodai brothers and sisters on the 86th anniversary of Caodai Inauguration Day. I also appreciate the thoughfulness and kindness that we Catholics have received so far from Caodai brothers and sisters. We feel more and more clearly that the joy and hope of our Caodai friends are also our own ones.

*  *  *

Dear Reverend Dignitaries and all Brothers and Sisters,

The Inauguration Day is a historic event for a faith; in the same way, the Heart Initiation is a spiritual event for a faith follower.

An impress, a turning-point has been marked in the history of religions as well as in the history of the Vietnamese people with the advent of the Third Universalism of the Great Dao. And, since 1926 till now, innumerable hearts have been initiated through numerous paths of spirituality and communication, which cannot be wholly comprehended by anyone but God, who inaugurates Dao and leads us to Dao. As humans who are seeking Dao and following Dao, we feel joyful when God bestows a faith upon us, and opens a path leading us to Him.

Historic events are generally handed down through witnesses from generation to generation, and you Caodaists here are those who testify to the relation between man and God.

We pray that the historic and spiritual event being commemorated here today will bring forth abundant spiritual flowers and fruits in the pious heart and soul of each God’s disciple as well as in our both communities where we are cultivating our religious ways of living.

I am sincerely thankful for Reverend Dignitaries representing various Caodai Churches and all Brothers and Sisters.

Opening Dao, Opening Heart

Từ Vân Caodai Temple on 12 November 2011


Francis Xavier BAO LOC

Translator: Hue Khai (26 Nov 2011)