The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity - Part 3

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17. It is not for such

As join gods with God,
To visit or maintain
The mosques of God
While they witness
Against their own souls
To infidelity. The works
Of such bear no fruit:
In Fire shall they dwell.

18. The mosques of God

Shall be visited and maintained
By such as believe in God
And the Last Day, establish
Regular prayers, and practise
Regular charity, and fear
None (at all) except God.
It is they who are expected
To be on true guidance!


19. Do ye make the giving
Of drink to pilgrims,

Or the maintenance of

The Sacred Mosque, equal
To (the pious service of) those
Who believe in God
And the Last Day, and strive
With might and main
In the cause of God?
They are not comparable
In the sight of God:
And God guides not
Those who do wrong.


20. Those who believe, and suffer
Exile and strive with might
And main, in God's cause,
With their goods and their persons,
Have the highest rank
In the sight of God:
They are the people
Who will achieve (salvation).


21. Their Lord doth give them
Glad tidings of a Mercy
From Himself, of His good pleasure,
And of Gardens for them,
Wherein are delights
That endure:


22. They will dwell therein
For ever. Verily in God's presence
Is a reward, the greatest (of all).


23. O ye who believe! Take not
For protectors your fathers
And your brothers if they love
Infidelity above Faith:

If any of you do so,

They do wrong.


24. Say; If it be that your fathers,
Your sons, your brothers,
Your mates, or your kindred;
The wealth that ye have gained;
The commerce in which ye fear
A decline: or the dwellings
In which ye delight—
Are dearer to you than God,
Or His Apostle, or the striving
In His cause;—then wait
Until God brings about
His Decision: and God
Guides not the rebellious.




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