The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity - Part 5

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30. The Jews call ’Uzair a son
Of God, and the Christians
Call Christ the Son of God.
That is a saying from their mouth;
(In this) they but imitate
What the Unbelievers of old
Used to say. God's curse
Be on them: how they are deluded
Away from the Truth!


31. They take their priests
And their anchorites to be
Their lords in derogation of God,
And (they take as their Lord)
Christ the son of Mary;
Yet they were commanded
To worship but One God:
There is no god but He.
Praise and glory to Him
(Far is He) from having
The partners they associate
(With Him).


32. Fain would they extinguish
God's Light with their mouths,
But God will not allow
But that His Light should be
Perfected, even though the Unbelievers
May detest (it).


33. It is He Who hath sent
His Apostle with Guidance
And the Religion of Truth,
To proclaim it
Over all religion,
Even though the Pagans
May detest (it).


34. O ye who believe! There are
Indeed many among the priests
And anchorites, who in falsehood
Devour the substance of men
And hinder (them) from the Way
Of God. And there are those
Who bury gold and silver
And spend it not in the Way.
Of God: announce unto them
A most grievous penalty—

35. On the Day when heat
Will be produced out of
That (wealth) in the fire
Of Hell, and with it will be
Branded their foreheads,
Their flanks, and their backs.
—"This is the (treasure) which ye
Buried for yourselves: taste ye,
Then, the (treasures) ye buried!"


36. The number of months
In the sight of God
Is twelve (in a year)
So ordained by Him
The day He created
The heavens and the earth;
Of them four are sacred:
That is the straight usage.
So wrong not yourselves

Therein, and fight the Pagans

All together as they
Fight you all together.
But know that God
Is with those who restrain


37. Verily the transposing
(Of a prohibited month)
Is an addition to Unbelief:
The Unbelievers are led
To wrong thereby: for they make
It lawful one year,
And forbidden another year,
In order to adjust the number
Of months forbidden by God
And make such forbidden ones
Lawful. The evil of their course
Seems pleasing to them.
But God guideth not
Those who reject Faith.

(to be continued)

The Holy Quran, translated by Yusuf Ali, p.448-451  



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