Floods, over 27 thousand displaced in southwest Sri Lanka

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The houses were swept inland by rivers of mud and landslides, or are under water. So far 23 confirmed dead. The most serious situation is in Kalutara district (Western Province): 12,651 displaced, 101 houses damaged, 42 completely razed.

 At least 23 people are dead and more than 27 thousand displaced after two days of devastating floods in the southern and western areas of Sri Lanka. The toll is still provisional. Matara and Galle (Southern Province), Gampaha and Kalutara (Western Province) Kegalle and Ratnapura (Sabaragamuwa Province) are the worst affected districts, with homes swept away by mudslides, landslides or completely submerged in water. Meanwhile, the torrential rains no sign of quitting, but the storm should move to the central, northern and eastern parts of the country.

The Disaster Management Center (DMC) has sent five groups to rescue the population, with the help of the Navy and Air Force. The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has issued an alert for landslides in the districts of Kalutara and Galle, in view of the worsening metrological situation.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Disaster Management, Mahinda Amaraweera, has announced the payment of 15 thousand rupees (€ 84) per family for those who have suffered a bereavement. The ministry has also given 4 million rupees aid (22,500 Euros) to Kalutara district; 1.5 million rupees (8,455 Euros) in Gampaha; 1 million rupees (5,637 Euros) per head in Galle and Ratnapura.

In the Western Province 148 schools have been closed until further notice. Overall, Kalutara district is the one that has suffered the most damage: 101 houses partially damaged , 42 completely destroyed and 30 submerged; 12,651 displaced people.

Melani Manel Perera

Source: asianews.it (June 4, 2014)