Recognize the gifts received and return in charity and service - Mgr. John Tong

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Hong Kong (Agenzia Fides) - "What we need to be interested in today's society is not just the material needs of our younger brothers and sisters, but also their right and their freedom to be children of God, who are inseparable by faith and transcendence. We must make good use of the opportunity to make our voice heard in public in order to obtain justice for society, to witness the Love of Christ".


This is what the Archbishop of Hong Kong, Mgr.John Tong says, newly-appointed Cardinal, in his Lenten message entitled "Recognizing and being able to return the goods received." According to the text published by Kong Ko Bao (the Chinese version of the diocesan bulletin) Mgr. Tong states in the message that his appointment as cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI "is not a personal honor, but the Pope’s love for all Chinese Catholics."


Therefore he urges: "we must all strive for the unity of the Church, so that there is only one flock belonging to the same pastor, to commit onself to the evangelization waiting for the good of our brothers and sisters." Moreover, the Archbishop of Hong Kong writes: "Having a sense of gratitude causes us to be authentic Christians, leads us to Christ, and through us brings Christ to others. Charity and service are concrete manifestations of our gratitude to the Lord for all that we have received. The Risen Lord help us to recognize the goods received and recognize how to return them." (NZ)


Agenzia Fides (17/2/2012)