Covid-19 cases in Mexico raise concern

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Covid-19 cases in Mexico raise concernMexico`s low covid testing rates and hospital care is being scrutinized as the pandemic continues to ravage Latin America`s second largest nation. James Blears reports about a hidden crisis.

Statistics emerging from Mexico indicate that almost fifty two thousand people with covid 19 were never put on a ventilator and that eight out of ten patients who`ve died were never provided this treatment. But only 26.6 percent of those intubated actually survive. Eighty one percent of 35 to 55 year olds who have died, never received this service. There`s also a big difference in survival rates. Only fifteen percent of those infected, who can afford expensive private hospitals die. While in public hospitals it`s fifty percent. In Mexico, 44.5 percent of those who`ve died of covid are aged sixty or younger.

The covid death toll in Mexico is officially more than 66,000 people. But with almost no testing and few people going to hospital, the true extent of the pandemic is far less than the devastating truth, which will emerge later rather than sooner.

The Mayor of Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum has announced combined private and public investment equivalent to 5.3 billion dollars to create 300,000 thousands jobs mostly concerning construction and renovation. It`s a small bright spot in a bleak nationwide landscape. Estimates indicate that before this is all over, more than twelve million jobs will have been lost. Also and chillingly, in a worst case scenario, 157,000 Mexicans could be dead from Covid by January 1st.

James Blears