Cao Dai Taipei Cỏngegation Pảticipated in The 3rd Easssr 2021 Jeju Conference in South Korea

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This conference was jointly held by the East Asian Society for Scientific Study of Religion (EASSSR) and Jeju National University in South Korea.

This 3rd EASSSR 2021 Jeju Virtual Conference attracted a total of 81 speakers from 19 different countries. The presentations showed a multi-perspective focus on the contributions of religions in relieving the mass’s sufferings in times of crises, natural disasters and pandemic.

This session on East Asian New Religions consisted of four different speakers from Japan, America, Korea and Vietnam and was moderated by Professor Gyungwon Lee from Daejin University.

The Sub-dignitary Tuan-Em was the only Vietnamese speaker in this 3rd EASSSR conference, presenting a paper on the Cao Dai ‘s charitable works. His presentation focused on the history, structural organization, regulated responsibilities of the Cao Dai Charity Body and a variety of charity activities since its establishment.

If you are interested, you can download and read the presentation here.

The 4th EASSSR will be held at National Taiwan University in 2022.

Please see following some pictures of the Conference.