Message from the Spirit of Leon Denis relating to Caodaism

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Message from the Spirit of Leon Denis relating to CaodaismThe Cadaists birth of a religion in Cochinchina when charentais spirites advised Caodaists a spirit message on Caodaism

The Spirit says to us: Here I am near you, my friends. I come, according to my promise, to speak to you about these brothers from Asia who have made spiritual contact with you. Yes, we went to these Brothers, close to these elite souls who have only one desire: to rise more in spirituality while helping to raise their brothers. They are beautiful these souls that we have visited. By their faith, by their actions, they are superior to certain beings of this country of France who believe themselves to be true spiritualists and who do not always put their actions in harmony with the impulses of their prayers. So I want to talk to you about these distant brothers, elite souls; I desire to sow between them and you, in your hearts, thoughts of brotherhood.

The Spirits have gathered to go near these brothers from Asia and Allan Kardec, always a missionary of the spiritist truth, has only the desire to actuate the souls disposed to receive the strength from Above.

By this contact, I saw that these souls by their abnegation, by their aspirations could reach a high goal. There are beings who sometimes wish to carry out a significant action, but who hesitate to undertake it, fearing serious difficulties and they abandon the path glimpsed, without having taken the slightest action inspired by this powerful desire to devote themselves to their brothers.

We were amazed at the pure spiritual thoughts conceived by these souls; they are not of your race, but they have a great desire to fraternize with their spiritualist brothers. As they rightly think, the action and the union of beings allow that, despite the great distances separating them, fraternal souls, devoted to Good, can work on the same humanitarian work. These souls animated by the same spiritualist faith, the same devotion, the same fraternal love, can, by following the same spiritual path, work to rally their brothers to the same belief synthesizing all beliefs, that is to teach the Love of Good.

And isn't that the only goal to which all spiritualists must work?

I therefore saw these souls disposed to create this admirable, grandiose work: to bring hearts closer together, their brothers in the same spiritual ideal. They will sow the good seed ready for germination, they will teach their brothers universal love, of good and truth, the basis of all religions.

We have read in these sincere hearts as in an open book. May they achieve their noble goal, for difficulties may hinder their action. In this Asian country, different religions rub shoulders: it will be necessary to know how to extract from them the pure principles, common to all beliefs, that is to say the lessons useful for the education of the mind, for its spiritual evolution. But we felt that, there, spirituality is in the air, in people's hearts.

It will be necessary to found different groups so that the spiritual radiance is more extensive. I advise those who take the initiative to proceed cautiously, with tact. for the work to be fruitful: I would say in earth language “that we must not take the bull by the horns. »

[Convince the intellectuals first]

These brothers will first have to draw the attention of their brothers to the beauty, the purity, the truth of their spiritual ideal. Let them address themselves first to intellectuals, more accessible by their intelligence and their knowledge to understand their teachings. The intellectuals, who had become followers of the new doctrine, would in turn be collaborators for the leaders of this movement. It is also necessary that the pioneers of this doctrine educate themselves perfectly in order to be able to respond clearly to any objection raised. They will teach gently, with fraternity, but also with clarity and supporting documents. It will be necessary to choose the works most favorable to their cause.

[Multiply the conferences]

The intellectual followers will be able to make conferences, the most effective means to answer ideas, to instruct the mass.

The conferences were indeed the basis of my spiritualist teaching, at the beginning of my apostolate. I preferred conferences with contradictions, because this kind of action stirred ideas and minds more. Let our brethren in Asia attach themselves to this work of conferences, if they wish to teach their doctrine more effectively to all. But let the lecturers be sufficiently prepared and educated.

Those who want to take the lead in this spiritualist movement have a beautiful soul, a great faith, an extended intellectuality. They will be supported by the Invisibles. If a harmonic action can be established between all the pioneers of the doctrine, the spirit of Allan Kardec will bring to them his powerful spiritual force, his intuitions to favor the conferences. And I myself, did I not promise to carry towards this country, towards those whom I visited there, an action of light and peace, when the pioneers will have already prepared the union of certain souls for the same spiritual faith. And this is not a utopia, believe it.

[Lead by example]

But is it necessary in an apostolate, in such a spiritual action, that those who seek to convert their brothers are themselves "initiates", true apostles: this harmony is essential for the success of the action. And for it there is harmony, the pioneers must preach by example, they must lead a life free from passions, above all from injustice. We win hearts more by example than by words. Didn't Christ seek to evangelize all peoples? He said in his sermons: Call to yourselves and whatever you ask the Father (God) you receive if you have a pure heart.

Thus these brothers from Asia will be able to reach their goal not only by their pure teachings, but also by the purity of their souls, by the force of example in faithfully practicing the new doctrine. The example imposes on souls, it touches them more deeply than the most beautiful speeches.

Also I hope that the beings who are going to preach this doctrine are true apostles, worthy disciples of their spiritual masters. Matter makes us weak on earth; it is therefore necessary to watch oneself constantly so as not to weaken before one's duties, to always put at the base of one's life: charity, justice.

The time may have come to seek to unify beliefs, but I am not saying that all beings will rally to this idea, however pure it may be.

The leaders of this religious movement could hope for victory if they themselves sincerely practice love, justice towards all their brothers.


In the countries of Asia, we worship the dead, we can therefore show people that everything is linked: earthly life and spiritual happiness after numerous incarnations, it will be necessary to draw attention to what is eternal in the belief in reincarnation. Some, in this country, believe in this law of evolution which must be spread more and more, because it perfectly explains the inequalities between souls.

This divine law must make us good and just towards all, it must push us to help our brothers to rise in the spiritual way.

In closing, I say again to those noble souls whom I have visited: address yourselves first to the intellectuals, certain followers will become your collaborators.

Present the Doctrine to them in a rational way, then you will then address the masses with their help and by conferences: it is there, among the people, that you must bring a lot of consolation, advice and love. .

(continuation and end)

(L’Écho annamite, April 6, 1928)

Taking from the table the beautiful photograph of Madame X.., the one where she is seated, where the position of the face allows to admire the beautiful and good physiognomy, the spirit Léon Denis says while looking at the image:

[Election of the Enlightened and Charitable Priestess]

To you, sister whom I approached and whose pure and powerful radiance I saw spreading in this sumptuous place where you live. I felt your good, charitable heart, I saw the beauty of your soul, I read in you this noble desire to facilitate this spiritual movement between souls to help your brothers to rise to the Very-High, or Almighty.

I saw you in a moment of meditation; your soul, by its lofty aspirations, radiated far from your magnificent apartments. Your fluid pierced the walls around you. I have heard you formulate an ardent prayer, asking the Most High, the One who directs everything on earth and in the heavens, that all beings may love Him and rise up to Him.

I have seen your luminous radiance flooding your entire home with light, for your soul shines on all those who approach. You will know how to be for all the sister, the friend, the priestess in order to favor this spiritual movement.

You have the qualities of heart and soul necessary for this spiritual action. Yes, you will be for your brothers, the enlightened and charitable priestess, but above all approach the humble, the little ones, encourage this surge of souls towards God, to the full extent of your heart. The woman, by her heart, often goes further than the man in action.

In a woman's heart, there are tendernesses, delicacies that are found more rarely in the heart of a man. Thus you will help this Big Brother, your so noble and so good companion, and both of you will unite to work for the spiritual evolution of your country.

The spirit taking at this moment the photograph of Monsieur X placed on the table, says again:

"To the one who is also present here through the image and whom we approached in particular, I have the duty to address a few thoughts.

Your ambition, Brother, is laudable, it is noble, pure, since you want to help souls rise to God. This beautiful action will perhaps bring you some suffering, injustices may make your heart suffer. But, lift up our hearts for the brave, for the apostles of a pure idea! Don't be afraid of obstacles when you have a pure heart like yours. So walk with courage, with strength, in this path of love and goodness. You will find a lot of brambles there, but your action will extend to souls. Allow me to offer you on this day what is purest in my spirit. I relive in your spiritual project, the first moments of my enthusiasm, of my ardor to support the doctrine of Allan Kardec, taxed by the Church of superstition. This eminent master had to study all psychic questions to project on beings a purer light than that taught by the Church.

[Spirit's offer of service to Caodaists]

And you, new Allan Kardec, in your country, you want to try to merge beliefs to extract the purest thought that you will teach. But before teaching this doctrine, study it thoroughly in its smallest thoughts, analyze it, become well acquainted with its pure ideal.

Educate yourself while asking your spiritual guides to come and support you in action.

Unite yourselves thus with your brothers of the Beyond and I promise you, from this day, the force of my Spirit, since now, I know you. So walk with confidence, hoping for favorable events. Do not lose sight of the education of the masses after addressing your intellectual brothers and, little by little, you will thus win all the hearts.

That in your spirit, pioneers of this religious movement, only one thought dominates you: the spiritual truth.

This truth, you will receive it in bits to communicate it to your brothers. Proceed with caution to better achieve your goal. I tell you again my brother: you will be helped because you are pure in heart. »


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Article in French - Translated into English by Rev. Canh Tran


45. Wednesday, October 27, 1926
Month 9, Day 17, Year of the Tiger


Humanity suffers from all sorts of trials and tribulations. I sent Allan Kardec, I sent Flammarion as I sent Elijah and Saint John the Baptist, precursors of the advent of Jesus Christ: one is persecuted and the other killed. And by whom? By Mankind. You also killed my son; you, who venerate him only in spirit but not in holiness.

Once, I desired to communicate with you on Mount Sinai during Moses time, but you could not understand Me. You did not take into consideration either the promise I made to your ancestors for your redemption or the prediction of the coming of the Christ.

Now I must Myself provide a more spiritual means to convince you. You will not be able to deny before the Grand Inquisitor that I attempted to save Mankind by all means possible. How ever indulgent I may be, I will not be able to blot out all the sins you have committed since the creation of Mankind.

The world is even now in shadow. The Virtue of God was wiped out; universal hate was inflamed; world war was inevitable.

The French and the Vietnamese are my two blessed races.

I would like you to be united forever. The new doctrine I teach has for a goal to place you both in a union of interest and life. Be then united by my will and preach peace and harmony to the world.

This is enough for you this evening.

(Taken from the Cao Dai Book of Holy Messages p. 131)


The Holy See of Tay Ninh, December 15, 1926.

(the 11th day of the 11th month of the year Binh-Dan)

Present at the seance:

Certain French citiziens, among whom Captain MONET, and certain dignitaries.


Greetings, my brothers.

Prepare to respectfully receive Our Divine Master.

Tell to these French present that this is a house of prayer and must not be considered merely a curiosity.

Jade Emperor or Cao Dai
Teaching The Great Way
to The Southern Quarter.

MONET, arise and read.

All things come in their time.

You have seen most of what your compatriots wish to see and know. This new doctrine that I teach is the result of spiritual studies.

Have I not predicted that spiritism is a religion of the future? You naturally wish to create in this country a moral relationship between the two races, French and Vietnamese, who have been called to live together, by My will, in a commonality of life and interests. You will be satisfied by living a gentlemanly life. Your prayers will be heard. You will later be one of my most devoted disciples in preaching peace and harmony to the world.

The French team will be created soon.

You will have to return to France in 1928, to defend this teaching before the Universal Congress. You will be big and strong by My will.

Goodbye, this is enough for you.

* THAI-BACH is the Spiritual Giao Tong (Pope) of CaoDai.

Cao Dai Book of Holy Messages, Vol. I 1968, Page 72 (in French, translated into English)