Weixin Shengjiao Delegation Visited Taipei Cao Dai Congregation in Taiwan

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Weixin Shengjiao Delegation Visited Taipei Cao Dai Congregation in TaiwanFollowing the invitation of Reverend Thuong Canh Thanh (President of Cao Dai Overseas Missionary) and Taipei Caodai Congregation, at 10:30AM on November 21st 2020, the delegation consisting of 11 delegates from Weixin Shengjiao (Taichung, Taiwan), Daesoon Jinrihoe (South Korea) and Taiwan Cheng Chi University paid a visit to the worship place of Taipei Cao Dai Congregation.

The Delegation includes:

From Weixin Shengjiao :

.Director Fiona Hsin-Fang Chang, Director of Research and Development Center for Religious Affairs of Weixin Shengjiao

.General Manager Morris Wen-Feng Zeng, General Manager of Weixin TV Station

.Manager Jimmy Chin-Ming Chang, Manager of Weixin TV Station

.Director Jin-Chang Chien, Director of Vietnam Branch of Weixin Shengjiao

.Mr. Chen-Chieh Lin, Member of Research and Development Center for Religious Affairs

.Master Yuan Rong, Chief of Weixin’s Zhongli branch temple

.Photographer and cameraman from Weixin TV Station.

From Daesoon Jinrihoe:

.Professor Taesoo Kim, Vice-Director, Institute for the Research of Daesoon Thought, Daesoon Academy of Sciences

From National Taiwan Cheng Chi University:

.Professor Yu-chen Li, Professor of Graduate Insitute of Religious Studies (The former Chair of the Institute)

.Professor Lin Jing Zhi, Researcher of folk beliefs and Yīguàndào

The Delegation was greeted by 17 members of the Taipei Cao Dai Congregation. Cao Dai Sub-dignitary Nguyen Tuan Em, Acting Head of the Congregation showed appreciation to the Delegation for spending their valuable time to come to this temporary Cao Dai worship home and to discover Cao Dai religious practices. Concurrently, this was an opportunity to enhance the friendship amongst the Three Religions in the 2018 Association of East Asian New Religions: Caodaism in Vietnam, Weixin Shengjiao in Taiwan and Daesoon Jinrihoe in South Korea.

After that, Cao Dai Sub-dignitary Nguyen Tuan Em gave the Delegation a warm welcome from Reverend Thuong Canh Thanh (President of Cao Dai Overseas Missionary) and provided a brief introduction to the Cao Dai history, philosophy and worship rituals at adherent’s house, also the future plan of Taipei Congregation.

Especially at this visit, there were two Professors from Cheng Chi University coming for their exploration about this new indigenous religious movement in Vietnam which was founded in the past century and now spread to Taiwan. The Professors expressed their deep interest in Cao Dai’s syncretism and had plan to bring the Cao Dai Religion into the compulsory study program of East Asian Cultures and Religions course at Cheng Chi University.

Director Fiona Hsin-Fang Chang representing the Delegation expressed her sincere congratulations to the newly-founded Taipei Cao Dai Congregation, and she was very happy to see the first Cao Dai Altar in Taiwan. She trusted in the greater future of Cao Dai Religion in Taiwan.

Along with the visit, Weixin Shengjiao presented flower stands, fruits and tea for offerings to God. Representing Weixin Shengjiao, Director Fiona Hsin-Fang invited the Congregation to attend the 2021 Chinese United Ancestors Worship Ceremony which will be held by Weixin Shenjiao on January 1st 2021. The Ceremony is planned to attract 36,000 attendees.

Professor Taesoo Kim (the representative of Daesoon Jinrihoe – South Korea in Taiwan) and Professor Yu-chen Li (from Cheng Chi University) also gave congratulatory speech to newly-founded Taipei Cao Dai Congregation and trusted in the greater future of Cao Dai Religion in Taiwan.

The Delegation’s representatives wrote into the Congregation Souvenir Book a few personal words indicating their impression about this first visit to the Cao Dai Congregation.

After having a vegetarian lunch, Master Yuan Rong invited everyone to come and visit the Weixin’s Zhongli branch temple, not far from the Cao Dai Taipei Congregation. The objective of the visit was to gain further understanding about the religious practices of Weixin Shengjiao. Despite several differences in the way of religious ceremony, both Weixin Shenjiao and Cao Dai Religion have one common philosophy which is based on love, justice and devoting oneself to all beings.

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