The health of Cardinal John Baptist Pham Minh Man

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Cardinal John Baptist Pham Minh Man has experienced pain in his back and legs for several months.  This persisting symptom has urged him to seek health care in Singapore.  On August 14, 2013, he was confined at the General Hospital of Singapore for a spine surgery in spite of his age at 78. It was a 3 hour endoscopic procedure. It was indeed a remarkable success that he only stayed 10 days in the hospital to regain his strength.


On August 24, 2013, he came back to Vietnam though a bit tired but renewed. Since the Cardinal’s residence is under renovation, he opted to stay at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre for his recuperation and health recovery.

The health of Cardinal John Baptist Pham Minh Man The health of Cardinal John Baptist Pham Minh Man


In spite of his health situation, Cardinal John Baptist Pham Minh Man met his priests in the diocese for a fraternal sharing. While abroad, the clergy of his diocese was having an annual retreat last August 20-23, 2013 held at the Pastoral Center. As their loving shepherd, the Cardinal was interested to know about their spiritual journey and how they are in their respective parishes.


In his reflection, the surgery allowed him to experience the unconditional love of the faithful as shown through their prayers and the people in the hospital who took good care of him with their loving service. Such love and compassion stimulated his fast recovery and healing.

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