Embracing women’s participation and role in society

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Embracing women’s participation and role in societySr. Nellie Lamcis lives by her vocation to include and empower women in society by teaching them and leading them in Church.

Sr. Nellie continues her vocation to bring meaningful changes that will empower women participation in communities.

“I encourage the contribution of so many women who work within the family, in the areas of teaching the faith, pastoral work, schooling, but also in social, cultural and economic structures. You women know how to embody the tender face of God, his mercy, which is translated into a willingness to give time rather than to occupy space, to welcome rather than to exclude. (Pope Francis)”

Sisters’ vocation in the congregation

Sr. Nellie Lamcis, a Dominican Sister of the Annunciation, has been actively promoting the sisters' vocation through their congregation in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.

‘’Our vocation is education and formation of the young. We preserve it by praying, and by applying it to the children, youth, and parents,’’ she told Vatican News.

The lack of education opportunities for women inspired the founder of the Dominican sisters of the Annunciation to build the congregation.

‘’One of the main reasons why our founder established the congregation is for women empowerment. During their time women were not educated," she recalled.

Aside from educating, the sisters also support women, children, and mothers.

"Fr. Coll formed women to help other women and children. Here where I am assigned, they had a Christian formation for the mothers," she revealed.

Sr. Nellie, who has been a Catholic servant for 23-years, said she is motivated to continue doing and enliven the vocation "because serving the Lord is fulfilling."

Gentleness and humility in faith

Throughout her service, she has realized the importance of gentleness and humility in faith.

‘’Entering religious life makes my heart soft. It breaks my defenses and makes me humble which is important in our faith,’’ she explained.

Also, Sr. Nellie believes that listening to others more enhances our ability to discern.

‘’Gentleness and humility helps us to listen more because when we listen our mind becomes clearer, when our mind is clearer we become more decisive and convinced with our actions," she added.

She said women should not be afraid to show vulnerability, and she always encourages them to continue to be engaged with the Lord.

‘’Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Do not be afraid to have an encounter with God,’’ Sr. Nellie advised.

During the sisters' vocational activities, she spent time with the attendees who are primarily women and taught them these traits.

"I am more with the youth, the catechist, and the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) which is composed mostly of women. I am focused on evangelization; women empowerment is also evangelization," she stated.

Sr. Nellie shed light about women possessing these characteristics anchored in faith. She said, "Empowered women are not loud; they are the ones who can be calm amidst distress because they are grounded; they know when to speak and not; they know themselves. This takes gentleness and humility."

Women’s role and participation in society and family

As women of faith, Sr. Nellie and the other Dominican sisters place value in the significance of women’s participation in the community.

She emphasized that ‘’it is important to highlight the role of women in the society which has been historically patriarchal.’’

She also believes the role of women in the family makes a difference.

‘’Psychologically and physically, women and men are different which makes them play different roles in a family. If women play their role as a woman in the family like being a mother, a sister, then we play an effective role in the society. Also, women in the society become voices of the unheard and the poor," she added.

Women empowerment

Sr. Nelie nurtures the faith and knowledge of women which will help to empower them.

‘’I spread women empowerment through our charism," she shared. "Our charism is with the young and children through education."

She also pointed out that many women groups encounter challenges through limited access to education. "The lack of education is what makes women have lower self-esteem, and it affects how society views women today. Hopefully, through educating them it will help to fight the abuses against women and which will eventually eradicate it.’’

She expressed that she will continuously promote the vocations of the Church and women empowerment by “trying to live a consistent life in word and deed according to the Charism and continue to disseminate the Gospel."

Sr. Nellie concluded the interview by expressing her firm belief that the role of women in society is vital, as it contributes positive changes in spreading the Catholic faith around the world.

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Source: vaticannews.va