Nostra Aetate Foundation student successfully completes her experience in Rome

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Nostra Aetate Foundation student successfully completes her experience in Rome27 June 2022/Rome – Ms. Aigerim Dyussenova of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, successfully completed her experience in Rome as a student of the Christian tradition and of interreligious dialogue. Tuesday morning, her time culminated with a ceremony at the offices of the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue, at which she was presented with the certificate of completion.

Ms. Dyussenova is the 97th student to be sponsored by the Nostra Aetate Foundation, a program of the Dicastery of Interreligious Dialogue, instituted in 1990, which is designed to fulfill one element of the Dicastery’s mission by educating persons of other religious traditions in Christianity.

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During the ceremony, Ms. Dyussenova, a Muslim, expressed a desire to further interreligious dialogue in her own country, where she works for the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Public Development.

While presenting to members of the board of Nostra Aetate Foundation about the significance of her time in Rome, she emphasized three elements: her study, her common life with other students at The Lay Center, and the beauty of Rome. She commented, “Life in The Lay Centre provides an example that representatives of two or more religions can live together in peace, harmony and understanding.”

Fr. Markus Solo, SVD, Vice President of the NAF, lauded Ms. Dyussenova for the generous way she participated in the five months of study and life in Rome, and presented her with the certificate.

In October, the Dicastery looks forward to welcoming three more students of the Nostra Aetate Foundation.