Activities of Interfaith dialogue in 2016

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Together with the Office for Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Relations, we have to review the past year with many meetings, visits, conferences… with the aim of understanding and enriching the brotherhood among believers of various religions in Vietnam.



- On Jan 6, 2016, the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue attended the 93rd of founding anniversary Minh Ly religion at Tam Tong Temple Anniversary of Minh Ly Religion at Tam Tông Miếu, 80 Cao Thang St, Dist. 3.

- On Jan 14, 2016, Cardinal Reinhard Marx had a meeting with the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue and the representative of Caodaism at Saigon Archbishop House, 180 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dist. 3.

- On Jan 21, 2016, at 8am a group of representatives of Churches and Organizations of CaoDai that belong to Liên giao Organization came to the Archdiocesan Office in order to give Tet’s greetings and wishes to Archbishop Paul and the Catholic people in HCM City. There were other two priests – the keeper of the seals and the Head of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue – welcoming the guests.

Ghi hình lưu niệm


- United Nation General Assembly constituted “WORLD INTERFAITH HARMONY WEEK” in the first week of February of every year through the Resolution GA 11013 dated October 20, 2010.

To promote the realization of the Resolution, the Baha’i Religious Community in HCM City hold an encounter of the competent representatives of some religions, in which the theme of this meeting was “PROMOTION OF SPIRITUAL LIFE”, at 9am on February 2, 2016, at 45 Nguyen Phi Khanh, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist. 1.

Tọa đàm liên tôn

The attenders included representatives of Baha’i, Caodaism, Catholics, Islam, Minh Ly religion; and the governmental representatives of Religious Commission of HCM City and the local authorities as well.


Celebrating anniversary of Lao Tzu. Representative of the Commission for Interfaith Dialogue of HCMC Archdiocese together with representatives of other religions participated in and congratulated the believers of Caodaism on this celebration. Address is 171B Cong Quynh St., Dist. 1.


- On May 17, 2016, Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue of HCMC Archdiocese paid a visit to Minh Dang Quang Institute and congratulate the monks on the Feast of Vesak 2016 (Buddhist calendar 2560). The delegation included the priest, head of the Commission, Rev. Bình OFM, sister Ngọc Lan FMM, some members in the Commission, and some students who study Christianism and Buddhism at Saigon Pastoral Institute, which are taught by Rev Francis Xavier Bao Loc and Ven. Thích Giác Hoàng.

Đại diện Pháp viện và phái đoàn Công giáo

- On the occasion of the Buddhist Feast of Vesak, on May 19 afternoon, a delegation of My Tho Archdiocese led by Bishop Peter Nguyen Van Kham paid a visit to the Most Venerable Thich Hue Minh, head of Vinh Trang Temple, and gave their warm congratulations to all of the monks in Tien Giang province.

On this occasion, the delegation also handed over to the Most Venerable monk the Holy See’s Message sent to all the monks in the worldwide. The main content of the Message is to stress on the caring of the world house and to promote the education of respecting and protecting the environment.

- “I wish we always cooperate with one another to release mankind from sufferings that caused by climate changes, and contribute a part to the caring of our world house.” addressed Archbishop Paul Bui Van Doc. In his speech on the Feast of Vesak in Vietnam Quoc Tu (Buddhist calendar 2560 - 2016) at 3:15pm on May 19, 2016. Besides, there were other persons accompanying the Archbishop, such as Rev. Joseph Do Manh Hung, keeper of the seals, Rev. Francis Xavier Bao Loc, Head of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue, sister Anne Nguyen Thi Phuong, Saint Paul de Chartres, and representatives of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue.

Ghi hình lưu niệm

- On Saturday afternoon of May 21, 2016, Rev. Joseph Nguyen Huu Triet, pastor of Tan Sa Chau parish led the parishioners to Vien Giac Temple located at 193 Bui Thi Xuan St., Ward 1, Tan Binh Dist., in order to congratulate the Feast of Vesak 2016 (Buddhist calendar 2560). The delegation comprised the pastor, auxiliary priest JB. Le Quoc Dat, one sister and 20 people in the Parish Ministry. The Most Venerable monk Thich Dong Van, representative of the Most venerable Thich Le Trang, and other monks in Vien Giac Temple welcomed the Catholic delegation.

Cầu nguyện cho hòa bình


- On September 23, 2016, Head of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue and other representatives visited Nam Thanh Temple and attended the 90th anniversary of religion opening – September 23, 1926~2016 – at 124-126 Nguyen Cu Trinh St., Dist. 1.


- On October 14, 2016, representatives of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue participated the 81th anniversary of establishing Vo Vi Huynh Quang Sac Temple, Ward 7, Dist. 8. Besides, there were Rev. Peter Nguyen Ngoc Chau and representatives of Binh An Parish Ministry.

Thành viên Ban MVĐTLT chào đạo tỷ Cao Đài

- On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of 1986 Assisi interreligious Meeting, (27.10.1986 - 27.10.2016) and the canonization of Mother Teresa Calcutta, the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue of HCMC Archdiocese hold the Sixth Interfaith Meeting at Saigon Pastoral Center at 3pm on October 27, 2016. Theme of this meeting was “Blessed are the Merciful”.

Hội ngộ Liên tôn 2016


- On November 16 afternoon, the 15th Year’ seminarians of St. Joseph’s Seminary of Hanoi visited CaoDai Temple in Hanoi. Professor Thuong Mai Thanh, management board of the Temple, and 5 believers warmly welcome these Catholic seminarians. The mutual meeting helped priests-to-be to understand actual realities and to establish bilateral relationship with CaoDai believers.

- On November 18 morning, the religious people such as Huệ Ý, Hồng Mai, Kim Dung and Kim Ngân who are Orgagnisation of Mission Caodaist came to the Institute of Paul Nguyen Van Binh in order to attend the presentation of Caodaism. The dynamic and interesting workshop created a very close relationship among the interreligious of Catholics and CaoDaism.

Gặp gỡ liên tu sĩ Công giáo và Cao Đài


- On December 8 morning, the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue visited Pho Minh temple in Go Vap District in order to understand more about Theravada Buddhism. The Most Venerable monk Thich Thien Tam, vice president of Standing Council of VN Buddhism warmly welcomed and explained some major parts of Buddhist Catechism.

- On December 12 afternoon, a meeting with the Thai Buddhism on the experience of interfaith encounter took place at Saigon Pastoral Center. There were 4 religions attending such as CaoDai, Catholics, Minh Ly and Islam.

- On December 13, 2016, the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue together with other two Thai monks, the Most Venerable monk Phramaha Thongrattana Thavorn and Suchart Phanyaporn, visited Mendiant Buddhist Center and exchanged with some monks in Minh Đăng Quang Institute and Kim Liên Pagoda.

- On December 20 afternoon, the Standing Commission of VN Buddhism in HCMC came to the Archbishop Office in order to give their Christmas greetings and wishes to Archbishop Paul Bui Van Doc, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Do Manh Hung and the catholic people. Head of the delegation is the Most Venerable Thich Thien Tanh – Vice President of the Standing Commission of VN Buddism -, and Thích Tịnh Hạnh and other believers BTS GHPGVN/TP.HCM.

Thành hội Phật Giáo TP.HCM chúc mừng Lễ Giáng Sinh Đức Tổng Giám mục Phaolô Bùi Văn Đọc

- On December 24, 2016 (26/11 Bính Thân lunar calendar), the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue celebrated Christmas together with believers of Caodaism in Bau Sen Temple on the anniversary of building the Temple.

Khúc hàt mừng Giáng sinh của ca đoàn Cao Đài

In the afternoon, members of the Commission for Inter-religious Dialogue joined the celebration of the 94th anniversary of Minh Lý religion in Tam Tông Temple, Ward 4, Dist. 3.

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