A Note to the Muslims who attacked Christians in Peshawar

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It is with disgust that I am writing this note on the Muslims who recently attacked two churches in Peshawar, Pakistan, where over 70 Christians were murdered. I want to bring to attention several fundamental points in Islam that completely and utterly denounce hatred or acts of violence on Christians.A Note to the Muslims who attacked Christians in Peshawar

I have written about this very subject in the aftermath of the attacks on the Coptic Christians in Egypt. In that article I focused primarily on the message of the Prophet Muhammad for Muslims on how they should treat their Christian neighbors. In this piece I turn to broader spectrums found within Islamic scripture, albeit to prove the same point — that Muslim attacks on Christians are incompatible with Islamic teachings.

A Note to the Muslims who attacked Christians in Peshawar


First and foremost, the Quran tells us: “And you will surely find that of all people, they who say: ‘We are Christians’ are closets to felling affection for those who believe. This is because there are priests and monks among them, and because they are not arrogant.” The Quran teaches Muslims to be respectful and to even admire Christians for their belief in the Abrahamic God. This is clear.

Craig Considine*
Source: themuslimtimes.org


* Craig Considine is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. He served as film director and research assistant to Ambassador Akbar Ahmed's unprecedented study Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam. Craig's film-work and photography has been vetted by CNN and his numerous articles on issues relating to religion and American society have been published around the world. He also holds an MS.c. in International Relations from the University of London. Craig's a native of Needham, Massachusetts.