Dictionary on 'Islamophobia' Compiled in French

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A dictionary on the topic of "Islamophobia" hads recently been published in France. It catalogues words, phrases and expressions used by French politicians, https://www.al-kanz.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Dictionnaire-de-lislamophobie-Kamel-Meziti.jpgwriters and artists which pertain directly to the discourse of Islamophobia. 

Though constructed in the form of a dictionary, this book systematically takes the words and phrases that have inadverently or deliberately employed for Islamophobic uses . Each entry provides the context of the time of useage and an explanation of the effects this may have caused in the minds of people and the attitudes of society at large. 

This book was compiled and published by the French journalist and researcher Kamel Mezity in an attempt to bring together all the concepts and meanings which are somehow connected with Islamophobia. 

The author wishes to focus the public's attention on this topical issue which increases daily in France and which alienates Muslims from French society, creating a climate of fear around the Islamic faith. 

Kamel Meziti is a teacher, researcher and lecturer. He is the secretary general of the organization Islamic-Christian Group Research, and is heavily involved in interfaith dialogue in France. 

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