What an Honor! Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany Chosen to speak for Islam

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Just a day prior to Eid-ul Adhia Festival, the largest TV of Hessen State Germany (HR)  telecast the interview of Mr Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, the National head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  It is almost half an hour interview. During the conversation many interesting questions were raised by the compere and Head of German Ahmadiyya Community replied all the questions extremely effectively and amicably.  Main questions which came under discussion were:

1. What is the importance of Eid-ul Adhia for Muslims?

2. What kind of God would order Abraham to slaughter his son?
3 Whom do you consider to be the forefather of the three revealed religions?
4. What philosophy lies in slaughtering an animal on Eid-ul-Adhia festival?
5. Why word Allah is used instead of God?
6. What connection slaughtering of animal has with the Hajj Festival?
7. Philosophy of daily Salat, Salatul Juma, Salatul Eid and Hajj?
 8.  Have you ever gone to Mecca  and is it compulsory for each Muslim to visit Mecca in his life?
 9. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is apparently young group of Islam.  Can you introduce it in detail?
10. Did Ahmadiyya Group has presented some thing better relative to other Muslim Groups. What main reforms it has brought to Islamic world?
11. Who has sent the Quran and in which language?
12. Can you briefly compare the Quran and the Bible?
13. What Ahmadiyya Jamaat is doing so that Quran can be understood correctly by others also?
14. How did you become Muslim and do you  feel freedom of religion in Muslim countries?
15.  What is the reason the main stream Muslims do not consider Ahmadiyya as part of Islam?
16. What forced you to change your religion and did you get some thing good in Ahmadiyya Islam which was not there in Catholic Christianity?
17 How did you manage to get the status of Public Corporate Body for Ahamdiyya Muslim Jamaat?
18. Why are you wearing a hat on your head?
19. Are you satisfied with the Eid-ul-Adhia and other festivals which you observe in Ahamdiyya Islam.

Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser (right) with the worldwide head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser (right) with the worldwide head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Photo: www.rabwah.net

Note by the Editor:  The whole conversation is in German.  Effort made to translate the main questions in English.  Might be Br Rafiq who speaks German as his native language can try to put the gist of the replies for the benefit of MT Readers.  Any way the head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community utilised the opportunity to spread the message of Ahmadiyyat in very bold and frank way.  Hundereds of thousnads of German listened it. Moboarak to him as well  to all the members of community. May Allah enable the German Nation to understand this message of real Islam in letter and spirits. Amin.

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