The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity - Part 4

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 The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity


25. Assuredly God did help you
In many battle-fields
And on the day of Ḥunain:
Behold! your great numbers
Elated you, but they availed
You naught: the land,
For all that it is wide,
Did. constrain you, and ye

Turned back in retreat.


26. But God did pour His calm
On the Apostle and on the Believers,
And sent down forces which ye
Saw not: He punished
The Unbelievers: thus doth He
Reward those without Faith.


27. Again will God, after this,
Turn (in mercy) to whom
He will: for God
Is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.


28. O ye who believe! Truly
The Pagans are unclean;
So let them not,
After this year of theirs,

Approach the Sacred Mosque.

And if ye fear poverty,
Soon will God enrich you,
If He wills, out of His bounty,
For God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.


29. Fight those who believe not
In God nor the Last Day,
Nor hold that forbidden
Which hath been forbidden
By God and His Apostle,
Nor acknowledge the Religion
Of Truth, (even if they are)
Of the People of the Book,
Until they pay the Jizya
With willing submission,
And feel themselves subdued.

(to be continued)

The Holy Quran, translated by Yusuf Ali, p.445-448



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