The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity - Part 7

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43. God give thee grace! Why
Didst thou grant them exemption
Until those who told the truth
Were seen by thee in a clear light,
And thou hadst proved the liars?

44. Those who believe in God
And the Last Day ask thee
For no exemption from fighting
With their goods and persons.
And God knoweth well
Those who do their duty.

45. Only those ask thee for exemption
Who believe not in God
And the Last Day, and
Whose hearts are in doubt,
So that they are tossed
In their doubts to and fro.


46. If they had intended
To come out, they would
Certainly have made
Some preparation therefor;
But God was averse
To their being sent forth;
So He made them lag behind,
And they were told,
"Sit ye among those
Who sit (inactive)."


47. If they had come out
With you, they would not

Have added to your (strength)
But only (made for) disorder,
Hurrying to and fro in your midst
And sowing sedition among you,
And there would have been
Some among you
Who would have listened to them.
But God knoweth well
Those who do wrong.


48. Indeed they had plotted
Sedition before, and upset
Matters for thee,—until
The Truth arrived, and the Decree
Of God became manifest,
Much to their disgust.


49. Among them is (many) a man
Who says: "Grant me exemption
And draw me not.
Into trial." Have they not
Fallen into trial already?
And indeed Hell surrounds
The Unbelievers (on all sides).


50. If good befalls thee,
It grieves them; but if
A misfortune befalls thee,
They say, "We took indeed
Our precautions beforehand,"
And they turn away rejoicing.


51. Say: "Nothing will happen to us
Except what God has decreed
For us: He is our Protector":
And on God let the Believers
Put their trust.


52. Say: "Can you expect for us
(Any fate) other than one
Of two glorious things—
(Martyrdom or victory)?
But we can expect for you
Either that God will send
His punishment from Himself,
Or by our hands. So wait
(Expectant); we too
Will wait with you."


53. Say: "Spend (for the Cause)
Willingly or unwillingly:
Not from you will it be
Accepted: for ye are indeed
A people rebellious and wicked."

54. The only reasons why
Their contributions are not
Accepted are: that they reject
God and His Apostle;
That they come to prayer
Without earnestness; and that
They offer contributions unwillingly.


55. Let not their wealth rats
Nor their (following in) sons

Dazzle thee: in reality
God's Plan is to punish them
With these things in this life,
And that their souls may perish
In their (very) denial of God.

56. They swear by God

That they are indeed
Of you; but they are not
Of you: yet they are afraid
(To appear in their true colours).

57. If they could find
A place to flee to,
Or caves, or a place
Of concealment, they would
Turn straightway thereto,
With an obstinate rush.

58. And among them are men
Who slander thee in the matter
Of (the distribution of) the alms:
If they are given part thereof,
They are pleased, but if not,
Behold! they are indignant!


59. If only they had been content
With what God and His Apostle
Gave them, and had said,
"Sufficient unto us is God!
God and His Apostle will soon
Give us of His bounty:
To God do we turn our hopes!"
(That would have been the right course).

The Holy Quran, translated by Yusuf Ali, p.454-458