The Holy Qur'an - Sūra IX: Repentance or Immunity - Part 8

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60. Alms are for the poor
And the needy, and those
Employed to administer the (funds);
For those whose hearts
Have been (recently) reconciled
(To Truth); for those in bondage
And in debt; in the cause
Of God; and for the wayfarer:
(Thus is it) ordained by God,
And God is full of knowledge
And wisdom.

61. Among them are men
Who molest the Prophet
And say, "He is (all) ear."
Say, "He listens to what is
Best for you: he believes
In God, has faith
In the Believers, and is a Mercy
To those of you who believe."
But those who molest the Apostle
Will have a grievous penalty.

62. To you they swear by God.
In order to please you:
But it is more fitting
That they should please
God and His Apostle,
If they are Believers.

63. Know they not that for those
Who oppose God and His Apostle,
Is the Fire of Hell?—
Wherein they shall dwell.
That is the supreme disgrace.


64. The Hypocrites are afraid
Lest a Sūra should be sent down
About them, showing them what
Is (really passing) in their hearts.
Say: "Mock ye! But verily
God will bring to light all
That ye fear (should be revealed).


65. If thou dost question them,
They declare (with emphasis):
"We were only talking idly
And in play." Say: "Was it
At God, and His Signs,
And His Apostle, that ye
Were mocking?"

66. Make ye no excuses:
Ye have rejected Faith
After ye had accepted it.
If We pardon some of you,
We will punish others amongst you,
For that they are in sin.

The Holy Quran, translated by Yusuf Ali, p.458-459  




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