Christian Conference of Asia Job Vacancies – 2022 Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Christian Conference of Asia  Job Vacancies – 2022 Chiang Mai, ThailandJOB VACANCIES AT THE CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE OF ASIA (CCA)
The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) invites applications for the following positions at the CCA
headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand:
• Coordinator — Communications
• Coordinator — HIV and AIDS Advocacy (ATCHAA)
• Coordinator — Income Development/Fund Raising
General requirements for all positions:
• Competency to work in international and multicultural settings;
• Ability to plan, implement, evaluate, and report programmes and activities in creative ways;
• Ability to work as an integrated team member;
• Expertise and experience in preparing project and programme proposals independently;
• Experience in fundraising;
• Ability to interpret and articulate the CCA’s vision and mission to ecumenical partners and funding partners, including intergovernmental agencies;
• Ability to communicate well with varied audiences, along with a proven ability in writing skills in English, especially in preparing programme and project proposals as well as programme reports according to international standards;
• A high level of computer literacy, internet-based/digital communication, and social media skills;
• Willingness to work outside of normal office hours when required and able to travel, sometimes in challenging situations.


The position offers an exciting opportunity to provide strategic, skilled, and dynamic leadership to the planning and execution of the CCA’s communications programme: including the production of news releases, management of the website and social media content, skill in organising interviews and pitching stories that highlight the CCA’s programmes and activities.
The contract for this position will be offered initially for a period of two years, preferably beginning from 1 May 2022.

• Write news releases and reports, prepare background information about events and programmes of the CCA;
• Collect and disseminate information, work closely with programme coordinators and other programme staff of the CCA, and liaise with member churches and councils of the CCA as well as act as the liaison contact with outstation copy editors.

Requirements and skills needed:
• Master’s Degree in Journalism, English language, or Communications;
• Excellent English language written and reporting skills;
• Demonstrate ability to write and edit articles and reports;
• Excellent time management and organisational skills; and,
• Willingness and ability to travel within the region, whenever necessary.

The Advocacy Coordinator of the Action Together in Combatting HIV and AIDS in Asia (ATCHAA) programme of the CCA is expected to work in the area of advocacy, especially in initiating public awareness and advocacy strategies to combat HIV and AIDS in Asia.
The contract for this position will be offered initially for a period of two years, preferably beginning from 1 April 2022.

• Take the lead in systematically organising and implementing campaigns and lobbying;
• Work with various partners—UN entities, Asian governments, NGOs, private sector, and affected communities—to implement and incorporate the campaign to combat HIV and AIDS;
• Develop strategic partnerships with key partners and constituencies at the regional and national levels to elicit support for and maximise the impact of advocacy objectives;
• Serve as a spokesperson/principal communications and advocacy liaison to media organisations, governmental bodies, national groups, private sector organisations, educational organisations, and international organisations;
• Take the lead in organising media outreach; arrange all media contacts, press briefings; coordinate production of a diverse range of awareness building and information sharing materials (including audio/visual communications);
• Draft communications and advocacy materials, including newsletters, reports, promotional materials;
• Evaluate results and impact of communications activities;
• Build information networks; plan and oversee the maintenance of publicly accessible information materials; plan and develop outreach activities;
• Initiate a network of interfaith national and regional advocacy volunteers and coordinate the advocacy initiatives through the Asian Interfaith Network on HIV and AIDS Advocacy (AINA); and,
• Possess excellent knowledge of Results Management and create Guides and Toolkits.

Requirements and skills needed:
• Advanced university degree – Master’s degree or equivalent in Communications, Social Work, or Public Relations;
• A minimum of five years’ experience in public information, public relations, especially within humanitarian organisations;
• Knowledge of different aspects of public information and communication;
• Ability to address issues in the context of HIV and AIDS;
• Ability to conceptualise, design, and implement major information campaigns;
• Ability to rapidly analyse and integrate diverse information from varied sources; produce a variety of written and visual communications products in a clear, concise style;
• Demonstrate professional competence and mastery of subject matter;
• Correctly interpret messages from others and respond appropriately; and,
• Possess excellent oral and written communication skills in English, including the ability to deliver oral presentations to various audiences.

The CCA, a regional ecumenical organisation, is a not-for-profit organisation with a heritage that spans
65 years, involved in a variety of programmes and activities. Contributions and grants for programme support from member churches/councils and ecumenical partner organisations in different parts of the world are the main sources of income for the CCA. To meet the growing needs and also in the context of reduced income, the CCA looks for a dynamic fundraising officer and coordinator for income development and new strategic initiatives for mobilising financial resources from member churches, councils, as well as non-church partners such as foundations as well as government agencies.
The initial contract will be for a period of two years (starting date negotiable).

• Develop an income development strategy to generate income from member churches, councils, ecumenical partners, and non-church partner organisations and agencies;
• Maintain regular contacts and relationships with the CCA member churches/councils and monitor their membership contributions;
• Maintain regular contacts and correspondences with church and ecumenical partners in Europe and North America and respond to their queries regarding programme/project proposals and grant allocations;
• Develop new partnerships with prospective donor agencies and secure grants/contributions from Trusts and Foundations, governmental agencies, and as well as CSR funding sources;
• Introduce and promote CCA’s programmes and projects to prospective donors and target
• Manage and report on significant income, expenditure budgets and cash flow, and produce funding ratios for relevant activities and key performance indicators; and,
• Develop long-term income generation strategies and activities, as well as initiate innovative strategies to develop new funding sources (individuals, foundations, government funding, and the corporate sector).

Requirements and skills needed:
• Experience and proven track record in fundraising; project management, public relations, planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (PMER) procedures, experience in building and management of partnerships;
• Writing of project proposals and funding requests as per international funding request standards;
• Excellent communication skills, with the ability to swiftly establish rapport with potential donors and to be in liaison with the donors;
• Excellent negotiating skills, self-motivation to influence donors/individuals/charitable foundations/governments;
• Knowledge of the CCA member constituencies and other fundraising/income streams;
• Ability to raise funds from intergovernmental and charitable foundation sources, conduct financial cash-flow analysis, and prepare reports for donors;
• Excellent knowledge of income development strategies and donor relations;
• Excellent written and oral presentations and interpersonal skills;
• Strong IT skills; and,
• Willingness to travel for fundraising.


The application must be submitted online via Google Form:
The deadline for submitting the completed application form along with supporting documents is 28 February 2022.

Applicants will be required to submit the names and contact details of three references, as well as upload the following documents in the Google Form itself:
1. Motivation Statement: What motivates you to join the CCA? Write a personal statement detailing your reasons for applying for your particular position, why you want to work with the CCA, and your relevant skills and qualities
2. Official Letter(s) of Recommendation/Endorsement
3. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 2 pages) describing both educational/professional experience and ecumenical/church involvement
4. Medical Clearance Certificate: Thailand now requires all foreign nationals to obtain and submit
a medical clearance certificate when submitting a work permit application. The medical insurance arranged by the CCA for staff also requires the provision of proper information about physical and mental health conditions when enrolling for a new health insurance policy. Candidates must submit a medical clearance certificate along with the application
5. Academic Qualification Certificates of Degree(s)/Diploma(s)
6. Scanned copy of passport