Photos of birds in mating season on display in HCMC

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The beauty and unique moments captured by photos of birds in Vietnam’s tropical forests will be on display at an exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Cultural House from January 24 to 28.

Wildlife At Risk (WAR), one of the organizers, hopes that the over 130 photos taken by Tang A Pau, a well-known wildlife photographer, will inspire viewers to help protect wild birds and nature in Vietnam.

The collection, titled Wild Birds in the Mating Season, features pictures that the photographer, a.k.a Pau Tang, took in various national parks and protected areas throughout Vietnam, especially during birds’ mating season.

Photos of birds in mating season on display in HCMC

A photo by Pau Tang shows a mating season dance by sarus cranes in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. 

WAR CEO Nguyen Vu Khoi said the exhibition would have many impressive and unique photos of several endangered wild birds in Vietnam like the sarus crane, woolly-necked stork, grey-crowned crocias, and Ward's trogon.

“I myself have not seen all of them in the wild though we have been conducting quite a few biodiversity surveys throughout Vietnam,” Khoi said.
“We hope that all wild birds will be freed so that we can observe them in their most beautiful and natural surroundings.”

According to WAR, Pau Tang’s photos have received positive feedback both locally and internationally.

The exhibition will be open from 8AM to 8PM every day except for the opening day (from 3PM to 6PM).

Entrance is free and visitors can buy photos, most of them 40x60cm, at the exhibition.

All funds raised through the exhibition will be donated to the rescue activities of WAR at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station and for disadvantaged children in the Central Highlands, according to WAR.

Minh Hung
Source: (Jan. 21, 2015)