Pope expresses sorrow for the death of Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas

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Pope Francis has sent a telegramme of condolences to the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antionch and all the East upon the death of Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas who passed away in a German hospital on March 21, at the age of 80.

Pope expresses sorrow for the death of Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas

In his message, the Pope describes the Patriarch as "an outstanding spiritual leader who corageously led his people through very difficult times".

Please find below the full text of the Pope's message:

To the Locum Tenens Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East

With deep sorrow I have learned of the passing of His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, father and chief pastor of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and all the East, and I hasten to express to you, to the Bishops, clergy and lay faithful, my personal condolences and the prayerful closeness of all Catholics at this time of deeply-felt loss. The whole Christian world has lost one of its outstanding spiritual leaders, courageous and wise in leading people through very difficult times. Following his election ad Patriarch in 1980 His Holiness was an engaged witness of the successive violent conflicts that have brought untold death and suffering to the Middle East, especially to Iraq and most recently Syria. His Holiness was a man of dialogue and peace with regard to the followers of all religious traditions. In particular I give heartfelt thanks to God for his constant work to improve relations among Christians and, from the time he attended the Second Vatican Council as an observer, for his extraordinary contribution to strengthening communion between Syrian Orthodox Christians and the Catholic faithful. May the Almighty receive him into his kingdom and grant him eternal rest, and may the memory of his long and devoted service to the Church live on as a challenge and a stimulus to all.


Source: news.va (Mar. 23, 2014)