Raise your voice in faith for climate justice

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Raise your voice in faith for climate justiceHow you can influence COP26 and your nation’s climate change commitments

One of the key pillars for mobilizing international commitment to address climate change within the Paris Agreement is the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

NDCs enable each country to create a unique set of commitments to mitigate climate change. They measure the progress made to achieve these commitments and include an obligation to review achievements every five years.

The coming months before COP26 are critical for making progress on climate policy and action. The numerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic should not make us forget the climate crisis and its far-reaching consequences.

The review process of the NDCs provides an opportunity for people of faith to contribute to effective change and advocate for the care for creation.

The webinar will include an exchange among the participants to discuss opportunities for taking advocacy actions to raise their country’s commitments to the NDCs. Also, participants will have the chance to get acquainted with and discuss case studies of people who have acted on NDCs in different countries.

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) invites you to this webinar as part of the Global Prayer and Action Chain for Climate Justice.

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